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For our Salem Area Folks!

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Date: 	Mon, 7 Nov 2011 22:19:50 -0800
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CC: 	Lorraine Kerwood <lorraine at nextsteprecycling.org>

Hey folks,

Based on the responses, it looks like Friday, Nov 18 6:30pm is the best 
option, and Thurs Nov 17 6:30pm is the second best.

Andrea and I are working on figuring out a meeting location for either 
of those days/times.   My first choice is the Public Library, if it is 

Please reply and let us know whether you can make it for the discussion! 
  Or if you have any other questions / input.



On Sat, Oct 29, 2011 at 9:00 PM, ethan a young <ethan.y.us at gmail.com 
<mailto:ethan.y.us at gmail.com>> wrote:

    Hi folks,

    You all are receiving this email because you expressed interest in
    helping *revive the Salem Linux Users Group (LUG)*.  I'd like for us
    to meet sometime the *between Nov 10 - 20* (I am available before
    then if anyone wants to touch bases on shorter notice)

    *By Mon Nov 7*, please:

     1. *Indicate your availability:* http://whenisgood.net/GSTEP/SalemLUG
     2. Give input on an *accessible meeting location* for ~10-15 people.
     3. Bring others who are interested in technology, Free Open-Source
        Software, environmentalism, volunteering, community service, etc
     4. Reply with questions / feedback on the the below meeting purpose
        and agenda


      * discuss reviving the Salem Linux Users Group (LUG) with a
        *service-oriented focus*
      * discuss GSTEP (Greater Salem Technology Equity Project)
      * brainstorm ways that they can assist and energize each-other
      * brainstorm the *next steps* we should take to move each project

    1. *Introductions and icebreakers*
    2. *Presentation / Discussion:* reviving Salem LUG
    service-oriented focus, "ubuntu" philosophy
    group purpose and sustainability
    sample Salem LUG mission
    3. *Presentation / Discussion:* Greater Salem Technology Equity Project
    what GSTEP does, how it does it

            Logic Model

    two different possibilities:
    NextStep Recycling <http://nextsteprecycling.org/> expanding to Salem
    Independent -- from scratch
    either way...
    4. *Brainstorm:* how the LUG and GSTEP can help each-other
    LUG needs / resources
    GSTEP needs / resources
    5. *Brainstorm:*  Next steps
    priority tasks
    2nd mtg?

    Feel free to forward this email to others.  Let me know if you have
    any questions.


    Ethan Young
    503 260 9689 <tel:503%20260%209689>

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