James Bradley jim at oregoncanoesport.com
Fri Nov 4 23:01:56 UTC 2011

An additional thought occurs, if the secure boot feature is available in 
the firmware, as you suggest, is it activated through the setting of a 
single bit? If so, corruption of the firmware due to a bad component or 
a glitch during the flashing of the BIOS might account for the problem, 
enabling secure boot accidentally, (and wouldn't that be a comforting 


On 11/02/2011 04:25 PM, Allison Randal wrote:
> This is perfect, thanks! A bunch of us are at UDS this week, so I'm
> collecting details. One useful piece, next time you get access to the
> hardware, since the CD boots, you can run the Ubuntu Friendly tests
> straight from the Live CD session:
> http://friendly.ubuntu.com/participate/
> That can track down more detail on where the failure might be.
> Looks like I might get access to similar hardware next week, as well.
> Allison
> On 10/31/2011 11:53 AM, James Bradley wrote:
>> Thank you very much for your attention in this matter, Allison.
>> This page at HP's site has the most complete specifications I can find:
>> http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/ca/en/ho/WF06b/12454-12454-3329740-64546-64546-5146457-5157056.html
>> The machine is not in my possession, so I can't immediately access it,
>> (I'm helping a friend set it up). If there is more information you need,
>> like BIOS rev number or such, let me know and I'll try to get it for you.
>> I'm not sure how many details have been forwarded to you, so let me
>> briefly recap. Kubuntu 11.10-64 installs on its partition without
>> apparent problem. The installer identifies the separate boot partition
>> used by Win 7 as the target for GRUB and the installation appears to
>> progress normally. Upon attempting to reboot, GRUB's menu never appears
>> and the machine boots straight into Windows. Attempts to install GRUB
>> using the Boot Repair disk appear to run normally, giving no errors, but
>> upon reboot the machine again immediately boots Windows.
>> It would certainly seem that it is GRUB which is failing to install. I
>> can try to install using the command line, if you think that will be
>> helpful. Please let me know if there are any special parameters which
>> should be passed to grub-install in such an attempt. Perhaps I should
>> add, there is an entry in the BIOS labeled "UEFI", but selecting it
>> produces no response.
>> It should be noted that HP consumer tech support was not knowledgeable
>> on the issue and was blocked from querying business tech support by
>> internal policy. Perhaps you can wield sufficient clout to obtain a
>> better result.
>> Again, thank you for your time and attention in this matter.
>> On 10/31/2011 07:43 AM, Allison Randal wrote:
>>> This is almost certainly a problem with some hardware component in the
>>> system. UEFI has been around a long time, and is compatible with Linux
>>> (including Ubuntu). The Secure Boot feature was just introduced in the
>>> UEFI v2.3.1 specification released in April 2011, and the hardware
>>> vendors are still working on implementation. So, UEFI Secure Boot isn't
>>> shipping in current hardware.
>>> JVLB, if you let me know a little more about the specs of your system, I
>>> can look up the components in our hardware database
>>> (http://hwdb.ubuntu.com/) and see if we can pinpoint a likely cause of
>>> failure.
>>> Allison
>>> On 10/30/2011 07:48 PM, Benjamin Kerensa wrote:
>>>> Hey JVLB,
>>>> So the UEFI issue you were having which I shared on my blog is getting
>>>> around the entire FOSS community (So far Mandriva Forums, Linux Mint
>>>> Forums, Ubuntu Forums and every social network site) anyways a Ubuntu
>>>> member suggested trying a 64bit image for the install and also you might
>>>> try a alternate ISO if you haven't already.
>>>> There is some concern that it might be a Ubuntu bug instead of
>>>> UEFI/Secure Boot.
>>>> -- 
>>>> bkerensa

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