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Hi Dan,

I'm working to organize Open Source Bridge, the third annual
conference for open source citizens. It's happening June 21–24, 2011
at the Eliot Center in downtown Portland, Oregon.


Open Source Bridge is a volunteer-run conference that connects people
across technologies, projects and interests. We would love to have
members of Ubuntu PDXTeam involved as speakers and participants.

The conference features presentations on a wide range of topics, from
specific open source technologies to common experiences and shared
concerns. There's also a full day of unconference sessions and a
24-hour hacker lounge for all of your collaboration needs.

We’d be delighted if you would mention Open Source Bridge at your user
group meetings and get us in touch with other groups in your community
who might be interested in participating. We've provided a sample
email below that you can customize and send to mailing lists.

Our call for proposals is scheduled to end this week; however, we'll
be extending it through March 31st. This date is approaching quickly,
so please pass this information on as soon as possible.


We'd like to offer a discounted registration rate of $200 to all of
your members if they use the discount code "osbugluv" at registration.
That’s $25 off the Early Bird rate, and $100 off our regular


We're also offering a free conference pass for you to raffle off to a
member of your group!

We’ve found that these raffles work best when you:

1) Let all of your members know about the conference, dates, and URL:
2) Allow anyone in the group to sign up for the raffle.
3) Draw the winner at random, preferably at a public meeting.

When you have selected a winner, email
usergroups at opensourcebridge.org, CC the winner, and we’ll register
them for you.

Thank You!
Christie Koehler, Co-Chair
Open Source Bridge



Open Source Bridge

Open Source Bridge is a conference for people who work with open
source technologies. It will take place June 21–24, 2011, in Portland,
Oregon. The conference includes five tracks focused on connecting
projects and experiences across different areas of open source.

The schedule includes three days of traditional conference
presentations, a day of free-form unconference sessions, and our
24-hour Hacker Lounge. You’ll find relevant information whether you
write web apps, tinker with operating system internals, create
hardware, run a business, write documentation, or contribute to open
source in other ways.

We're seeking presentation proposals through March 31st (new, extended
deadline!). Read our Call for Proposals here:

As a user group member, you can use the coupon code "osbugluv" to
register at a discounted rate of $200 when you select either an Early
Bird Registration (through April 15th), or a Regular Registration
(after April 15th). Learn more and register at

The conference is run entirely by volunteers and all proceeds from
conference registration and sponsorship go directly to the costs of
the conference.

Visit http://opensourcebridge.org/ to learn more about the conference,
see our session proposals, and register to attend.


Best regards,

Dan Smith
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