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My name is Trevor Emptage

I am currently in research and development for a project: -- seeking oregon

I am assisting Logos Charter School in building a database with opensource
Similar to SIMS<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schools_Information_Management_System>
or a SIS <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Student_information_system>.

Possibly a merge of both systems.

I also plan on deploying the best educational resources on the compatible
operating system.
I am hoping to at least dual-boot Ubuntu/Windows7 or simply use Ubuntu

I found your group from ubuntu's webpage/forums.

I will probably want to join the group but I wanted to contact someone asap.
I have to run out to deliver a customer's pc right now but I check my
email.. frequently.

Can you help? Or do you know of someone or resources to point me in the
right direction.

Thank you,

Trevor Emptage
IT Solutions
Logos Charter School
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