First Southern Oregon LoCo event

John Montgomery blueyonder64 at
Tue Aug 25 22:05:06 BST 2009

Greetings all -

I held my first community outreach event/attempt to engage the public at
large in Southern Oregon (to my knowledge) as a member of the Oregon
LoCo on 20 August, 2009 during one of our town's "Third Thursday" events
that are held annually every summer. We had about 80 CDs that my wife
and I had burned from ISO and labeled by hand, about 50 brochures
printed utilizing materials from the beta web site and
70 home made business cards with my email contact info and the Ubuntu
download and forums URL on them. We set up two netbooks - one with some
soft background music playing behind a slide presentation about Ubuntu
running on a continuous loop, and the other set up with a mouse and
Ubuntu Netbook Remix installed so people could get some hands on
experience if they were inclined to do so. 

We had quite a few curious questioners, and managed to get people to
walk away with around 20 Ubuntu CDs and far more literature than that, I
would estimate about 35 pieces of literature or brochures. People seemed
to be more interested in taking the brochures than the software itself,
but all in all I would call it a moderate success. Even if I only
converted one or two people it will have been worth it and the word is
beginning to get around that there is an alternative to help people get
the most out of the computers they already own. 

We plan to be holding another one on 17 September, 2009 that will
include a donation collection to raise funds to help support FreeGeek. I
will be undergoing some fairly major back surgery within the next few
weeks, so if we have any members close by in the Klamath, Jackson or
Josephine County area who wouldn't mind taking a half day to drive down
to Klamath Falls to help out myself and my wife I'd certainly appreciate
it! The event kicks off at 6:00 pm and wraps up between 8:00 and 8:30
pm. Any and all assistance, volunteers and suggestions are certainly

Cheers - John Montgomery

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