Driving tips for tomorrow's meeting

Oregon Canoe Sport, LLC / James V. L. Bradley jim at oregoncanoesport.com
Wed Oct 22 23:03:51 BST 2008

For those of you from out of town, I thought I'd give you some pointers 
to navigating Salem the most easily. For starters, here's the Google 
Maps page for the address, 195 Commercial St. NE,
Salem, OR 97301. Note that what is identified as Ct St NE is actually 
Court St. NE, and Copper John's resides on the southwest corner of the 
intersection of Commercial and Court streets.  

If you are coming down I-5 from the north, take the Salem Parkway exit, 
right after the Keizer exit. The parkway will wind its way into Salem, 
and in so doing become Commercial St. NE. Simply follow it into the 
downtown, where you will pass by the eastern footings of the two bridges 
across the Willamette. The second street after the Center Street bridge, 
the bridge coming into town from the west, is Court St. The parking is 
usually easier on Court Street, so I suggest turning right at Court, 
then finding parking.

If you are coming from the west, just turn right at the signal coming 
off the bridge and note the last two sentences of the preceding paragraph.

Coming from the south or east, take Mission St., aka Hwy. 22 into town. 
The street will wend its way past the airport and about a mile later 
climb an overpass over the railroad tracks. At the top of the overpass 
is a ramp designated "City Center". Take the ramp and coming off the 
ramp head left, onto the Pringle Parkway. The parkway winds into the 
center of town, then as it gets past the heart of the downtown, turns 
north as Front St. It then passes State St. before arriving at Court St. 
Turn right on Court and find parking.

I hope you find this helpful and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow 


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