Payment poll - aluminum Ubuntu badges

Walter Neary tiwake at
Tue Sep 4 07:39:17 BST 2007

I sent a check for $103 for 400 of them, including shipping. They just might
be in my hands before the 15th, however don't count on it... I think by the
next meeting (the 21st) I should have them as a safer estimate.

For anybody that does not know what I am talking about, is
what I paid $103 for...

Basically there are 2 options for paying these off:
1. Selling them for around $.50 to recoup our costs and for future projects.
(so 200 would need to be sold to break even)
2. Everyone kicks in some money and we give this away for free at install
fests (or other such events).

If option #2 gets voted in, then I think it is best that people get to hold
what they paid for... I can't imagine helping a neighbor install Ubuntu and
not having any stickies that I paid for.
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