[Ubuntu-us-ok] List activity?

Anthony Papillion papillion at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 05:00:17 BST 2010

> It is great to finally have some people showing interest. I have been
> the new loco directory to list the activities. I will update the wiki with
> link to that page <http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-oklahoma>.  Right
> their is a monthly meetup in Tulsa. Derrick regularly post Technology/FOSS
> activities happening in Oklahoma City. I organised an Ubuntu Local Jam
> month, unfortunately no one showed up. This has kind of been the way
> have gone for awhile. I have combined the Tulsa LoCo meetup with the Tulsa
> LUG meeting. That way I am not sitting there by myself. I would encourage
> someone to do something similar in oklahoma City. I am hoping eventually
> will grow into somethhing where we can sustain our own meeting.  I would
> the most immediate need is to get new members. Members who are interested
> participating actively. I sent an email out last month about having online
> meetings. We had two people respond, with your interest we might have a
> decent meeting on our hands :)  I will create a Doodle Poll so we can
> out the best time to have an online meeting.

Hi Daune,

The Tulsa LUG sounds like a very promising effort. I've seen it mentioned a
few times but never took the time to drive up since I'm almost 100 miles
away.  I'm there quite often, just never at the time the LUG is meeting.
Maybe I'll have to start taking a drive up there on meeting nights if you
guys are open to new members.

An online meeting sounds awesome. What about integrating online and real
world? Maybe allow remote users to view the meeting through something like
USTREAM and participate via a Skype conference call or something like that?
 Of course that's just shooting stuff out there and it might not even be
feasible at all.

For my part, I'm pushing Linux in small businesses here. I'm showing owners
how they can reduce their costs and, in some cases, designing software and
web apps to run on their new Linux system. Still, it's slim pickings for
Linux around here.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to getting involved in the LoCo and
getting to know some Linux folks. It's a desert here in Miami. Of course,
we're 90 miles from Tulsa and in the middle of nowhere.  That probably has
something to do with it too lol.


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