[Ubuntu-us-ok] Hello

Jon Ruyle jonruyle at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jan 24 19:36:19 GMT 2010

Hi all, My name is Jon Ruyle. I'm a 59 year old machinist from Tulsa.
I've been  using Ubuntu since Dapper. I am currently running Jaunty
along with XP home & Puppy on a  dual core E6300 w/ 2GiB DDR2, Jaunty on
a core2duo E7200 w/ 4 GiB DDR2, Karmic AMD64  & Winblows 7 on a Toshiba
Satellite w/ 4 GiB of DDR2.

I wiped Winblows & installed Karmic on laptops that my sons were using
so I wouldn't have to constantly be dealing with with virus & spyware
issues. That has worked out so well that my eldest son now wants me to
wipe Vista & install Ubuntu on his late model Dell desktop machine.
I just installed Karmic on a Dell Vostro 1000 in place of windows for my
step-daughter. She was tired of the virus issue as well, since she does
a lot of music downloads. 

I Recently converted a friend to Ubuntu from Open SuSe. She has been
totally wowed by it. It seems that the updated manager wasn't working in

Finally, I converted my sister to Ubuntu on her Dell desktop. She loves
it & won't look back.
Enough bragging. I'm here to help in way way I can. I must confess that
I get most of my problems solved reading how-to's & from the Ubuntu
forums. I can & do distribute Ubuntu CDs on a regular basis. If anyone
knows of a good looking 9.10 lightscribe label, pleas let me know.
Thanks, Jon

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