[Ubuntu-us-ok] okcLUGnuts January Meeting

derrick parkhurst derrick.parkhurst at gmail.com
Mon Jan 4 23:40:22 GMT 2010


November's video presentations on MythTv and the Evil Window Manager are
available here <http://www.okclugnuts.org/?p=49>. Many thanks to SKC
Communications <http://skccom.com> for sponsoring that meeting.

The next meeting will be on Friday, January 8th at 7pm at the
We'll start with a MythBuntu InstallFest. Chris Stackpole will help anyone
that brings a system through the install and config of
Derrick Parkhurst will give a presentation on audio and video compression
technology and formats, editing and transcoding software as well as where
and how to get the best media including podcasts, music and movies. Bring
your computer and learn hands on.

As always, we'll also open the floor up to anyone interested in making a
short presentation on whatever they are working on or finds interesting (to
do with Linux).

We're looking for a sponsor willing to help provide pizza. If your
organization might be interested, please contact me <derrick at okccoco.com>.
Your support would really be appreciated.

Derrick Parkhurst, Ph.D.
Thirty Sixth Span Internet Technologies
Phone: 405 596 4697 <=== IT'S NEW
okcCoCo: http://okcCoCo.com
OpenBeta: http://openbeta.extendedbeta.com
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/derrickparkhurst
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ThirtySixthSpan

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