[Ubuntu-us-ok] 012709-OK Loco:whats going on

Duane Hinnen duanedesign at cox.net
Wed Jan 28 05:47:33 GMT 2009

The wiki is getting a new look. Check it out and add as you see fit.
After all it is OUR wiki.   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OklahomaTeam

I will be polishing the wiki over the next several days. I need to move
all the pages out of the /foo testing directory for starters. Be on the
look out for typos, bad grammar, and broken links.

There is now a page on the wiki called Projects and Ideas. Add your
ideas under brainstorming, no idea to big or small. Whenever you want to
start work  on a project move it up to the Active Projects table and and
add the relevant information. If you want to contribute to a project
already in the active table just add your name in the names column and
contact one of the members already working on the project.

Also I want to point out the Google Calendar. Our meetings are on there
as well as other stuff that the group might find interesting. Mostly
Linux stuff but it does not have to be. Please add anything you think
the group would find interesting. If you do not have a Login and
Password for the Oklahoma Loco Google Apps page Email me with:
First name:
Last name:
User name:
and I will set one up for you and email you the password. Not only will
this allow you to edit the calendar but also share documents with the
group through Google Docs.

If you have not already add your name to the members page. This will
help other members get in touch with you and help us all get to know
each other a little better.

We are continuing our meetings on Thursdays, 7:30, in #ubuntu-us-ok on
IRC freenode.

Check out the most recent Ubuntu Newsletter:

This is a neat Ubuntu magazine (I wish it came out more often!)

Josh and Nicks video podcast is a must see for any Ubuntu geek. Thats
right I said it, geek, and proud of it. Can I get a hell ya.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Duane Hinnen
Oklahoma Loco Member
duanedesign at google.com 
duanedesign at cox.net
sip:duanedesign at ekiga.net

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