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Duane Hinnen duanedesign at cox.net
Tue Jan 13 04:15:58 GMT 2009

Loco, Oklahoma is an actual town in Stephens County, Oklahoma. The town
has a total area of 0.3 miles and 150 people. What a great place for us
to have an In Person Meet Up. 

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is out. In the issue:

      * Next Ubuntu Global Bug Jam 
      * Ubuntu Developer Weekend returns! 
      * New MOTU's and Ubuntu Members 
      * Ubuntu Hall of Fame: James Westby 
      * Good People, Great Teams 
      * Debian Import Freeze 
      * Ubuntu Stats 
      * Changes to Launchpad Legal Page 
      * Open Sourcing Launchpad 
      * 12 Days of Launchpad 
      * In the Press & Blogosphere 
      * Ubunt Podcast #16 
      * Edubuntu Meeting Minutes 
      * Upcoming Meetings & Events 
      * Update & Security 

Some Highlights:

"Windows Vista is clearly opening up opportunities for Mac OS X and
Linux. The next major upgrade for Ubuntu, Jaunty Jackalope, is expected
in April, and here’s what this author hopes it will do. Fix all sound
issues, although sound support has improved, it is still a stumbling
block. Make all the non-free goodness available at the click of one
button. Make it easier to install fonts, and make sure everything else
just works. Make really cool features part of the standard installation.
If Ubuntu can detect a capable graphics card and install the right
driver for it, why not have it turn on Compiz the moment it does? As the
Ubuntu team tackles more esoteric features such as integrating Web
applications onto the desktop, they shouldn’t lose sight of the
meat-and-potatoes issues that can make or break an operating system."

"A short reminder that per
the Debian Import Freeze [1] is now in effect.  Please remember that if you are
waiting for bug fixes from Debian for Jaunty, you will now need to file your
sync requests explicitly."

[1] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebianImportFreeze

"THEY’RE either hapless pests or the very people capable of overthrowing
Windows. Take your pick.
In December, hundreds of these controversial software developers
gathered for one week at the Google headquarters in Mountain View,
Calif. They came from all over the world, sporting many of the usual
signs of software mercenaries: jeans, ponytails, unruly facial hair and
bloodshot eyes."

hmmm, I wonder who they are talking about?


Ways you can contribute to Ubuntu

"I thought I might make a list of ways to contribute to Ubuntu (or Linux
in general), and provide my thoughts on them. I’ve tried to list them in
rough order of “difficulty”, from easy to hard, where difficulty means
how much effort it takes."


I have added a few more items to the Google Calendar check it out. You
can get to it through the Oklahoma LoCo wiki, through you ubuntuoklahoma
Google Apps account (if you do not have one yet Email me and I will get
you an Email and password), or through this link:


Duane Hinnen
duanedesign at gmail.com
duanedesign at cox.net
sip:duanedesign at ekiga.net

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