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Duane Hinnen duanedesign at gmail.com
Wed Apr 15 03:15:45 BST 2009


We were having meetings on Thursdays at 7:30pm on irc.freenode.net
#ubuntu-us-ok. So far in the New Year attendance to the meetings was
practically has been nil. In lite of this the plan is to suspended any
scheduled meetings until further notice. So meetings will be on a as
needed basis.

There were some good ideas thrown around late last year. Lots of good
ideas for advocacy, helping with bugs or documentation, and
installfests. See our project and ideas page
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OklahomaTeam/foo/testProjectsIdeas .

One active project right now is the Tulsa Meetup organized and
"manhandled" by Luke Wisdom. Luke has been inviting Loco members,
really anyone, in the Tulsa area to come out to Cherry Street Coffee
House every other Wednesday. At our last meetup Luke set up a demo
computer in the coffee shop running Ubuntu and invited coffee house
patrons to use the box. Then he would take the opportunity to explain
to the person what  Ubuntu was and why it was a viable alternative to
Windows. Tomorrow night will be the next meetup please come out if you

Another activity that I think is worthwhile right now is Loco
promotion. We need more active members to participate in projects and
help us move towards our goal of becoming an approved Loco. The goal
itself is not what is important. The point is that in order to be
approved you must be actively participating in the Ubuntu community
and advocating Ubuntu in your community with regularly scheduled
events. As an approved Loco you must also submit to a yearly review. I
think working towards being approved and maintaining that status is a
good way to keep our group active and productive. Me and Luke have put
together some poster ides they are on the projects and ideas page of
the wiki.(feel free to make your own if you like) We need to hang up
posters//flyers in places people who use Ubuntu will see them.
Colleges that have Computer Science classes, Vo-Techs, and computer
stores are all possible places we could post information about joining
the loco. Please print one of the flyers or make your own and post up
a couple in your area.

New Ubuntu Newsletter is out http://ln-s.net/38XW  In the issue:
# Archive frozen in preparation of Ubuntu 9.04
# Ubuntu 7.10 reaches EOL April 18th
# Ubuntu Open Week
# QA Team: Next Testing Day
# Ubuntu Stats
# LoCo News: New York, Florida, Nebraska, North Carolina, Australia, & Tunisia
# Updating the PPA Docs
# Meet Gavin Panella
# Expanding the Forum Council
# New Staff in Town
# The Planet: Jim Campbell, Jonathan Carter, John Vivirito, and Dustin Kirkland
# In the Press & Blogosphere
# Ubunchu the Ubuntu Manga is now in English
# Ubuntu Server Team Meeting Minutes
# Upcoming Meetings & Events
# Updates & Security

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