[Ubuntu-us-ok] Several Things

Trey Brown trey at ubuntuoklahoma.org
Wed Oct 10 23:40:52 BST 2007

Anything? Come on lets get something going in this team, even just an IRC
meeting with 10+ people.


On 10/9/07, Trey Brown <trey at ubuntuoklahoma.org> wrote:
> Its been a while since we had the meeting, and strangely it seems that
> activity has slowed since then, it may be since a lot of the members have
> kids and they have started school, and thats understandable, just thought I
> would send out some ideas and thoughts I have been having for the team.
> Does anyone want to have another in-person meeting anytime soon, we do
> need to have a meeting, but an IRC meeting would probably be best since
> traveling is not an issue and we haven't had a meeting that everyone across
> the state could attend. I would suggest either a Saturday or Sunday morning
> or evening, but it is, as always, open for suggestions.
> I think we should try to get a booth set up a Saturday Sale, since we can
> get it free and even though we would not be able to get very many pressed
> Ubuntu CDs, I think I remember someone saying that they could get a spindle
> of CDs fairly cheap. Also I'm not sure, but was someone looking into getting
> a banner made up?
> I also think we should try to set up an install fest in the near future,
> maybe sometime in Nov or Dec. This would require a little more planning, but
> I think it would be fun and spread Ubuntu. We could also try to coordinate
> with other Linux groups in the area. And maybe the Tulsa area members could
> do the same, I'm not sure how many members there are in the Tulsa area, but
> if there aren't very many maybe we could work with the LUG up there.
> Any other ideas floating around out there?
> --Trey

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