[Ubuntu-us-ok] Several Things

Trey Brown trey at ubuntuoklahoma.org
Tue Oct 9 15:46:45 BST 2007

Its been a while since we had the meeting, and strangely it seems that
activity has slowed since then, it may be since a lot of the members have
kids and they have started school, and thats understandable, just thought I
would send out some ideas and thoughts I have been having for the team.

Does anyone want to have another in-person meeting anytime soon, we do need
to have a meeting, but an IRC meeting would probably be best since traveling
is not an issue and we haven't had a meeting that everyone across the state
could attend. I would suggest either a Saturday or Sunday morning or
evening, but it is, as always, open for suggestions.

I think we should try to get a booth set up a Saturday Sale, since we can
get it free and even though we would not be able to get very many pressed
Ubuntu CDs, I think I remember someone saying that they could get a spindle
of CDs fairly cheap. Also I'm not sure, but was someone looking into getting
a banner made up?

I also think we should try to set up an install fest in the near future,
maybe sometime in Nov or Dec. This would require a little more planning, but
I think it would be fun and spread Ubuntu. We could also try to coordinate
with other Linux groups in the area. And maybe the Tulsa area members could
do the same, I'm not sure how many members there are in the Tulsa area, but
if there aren't very many maybe we could work with the LUG up there.

Any other ideas floating around out there?


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