[Ubuntu-us-ok] Anyone here?

Steve Roemen steve at friservices.com
Thu Mar 8 20:05:34 GMT 2007

Billie Erin Walsh wrote:
> Just installed Ubuntu 10.6 and signed up for some things. I found a list
> for Oklahoma so.........................................  Anyway,
> wondered if there is anyone else around here that uses Ubuntu.
> We live just outside Oklahoma City, about half way between Edmond and
> Guthrie.
Welcome aboard Billie,

There are a few of us here.  We are just starting out and have a lot of 
work to do, yet no time to do it ;)
I'm taking time off from work during spring break, so I will have time 
to set up a few goals, plans, etc on the wiki, and get the message board 
up and running.

Anybody have a time and day of the week that works for having meetings 
either in person, or IRC?  I'd prefer the weekend personally.
Also, if anybody has ideas for promoting the use, knowledge of Linux, 
specifically [U|Ku|Edu]buntu, let us know.

Steve Roemen

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