[Ubuntu-us-ok] How can I help?

James Stansell jamesstansell at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Jul 30 19:31:06 BST 2007

On 7/28/07, Charles Studler <cstudler at yahoo.com> wrote:
>  Just to introduce myself a bit, my name is Charles Studler.  I am from
> the Ardmore area, but I drive a truck over the road.  I get to Oklahome once
> every couple of months, or so.  I want to help spread Ubuntu.  I'm getting
> some apps together to show Owner/Operators how they can manage their assets
> and loads more efficiently.  I've also been contacting a friend who writes
> articles for a couple of trucker magazines and has a show on XM radio geared
> for truckers, and he is going to look into porting some of his apps over to
> linux.  Other than that, what can a 28 year old college drop out do to help?

Hi Charles,

Thanks for your interest and for writing about your efforts.  Sounds like
you could be our 'ambassador' to other states, if you ever have extra time
while you're on the road.

The US team had a good discussion recently which is archived on the
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/USTeams/Minutes/July28 page.  There's a number of
ideas there; I hope everyone will review it.

I guess the key is to let people know they have a viable choice when it
comes to software for their computers.  Speaking with groups you're already
involved with is great!  Or for a crazier idea try getting an UBUNTU license
plate.  Who who be the first in OK for that?

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