[Ubuntu-us-ok] New Wiki

Trey Brown palintheus at gmail.com
Sun Aug 26 20:42:32 BST 2007

Since I have talked to several members regarding the new Wiki and the
general consensus was good I decided to go ahead and move it to the main
page vs the test page. Since this is going to be what everyone sees I
/strongly/ encourage everyone to add themselves to the member list at the
bottom of the page. If you need help with this or just would rather just
give me your info, just shoot me an email and I will be glad to help. Also I
have noticed that only a few members have wiki pages themselves, this would
be a good place for people interested in the group to get a feel of who we
are, and why we want to use and advocate Ubuntu, feel free to copy mine and
change the info if you want.

The meeting was productive and I think we sorted several things out,
although, I would like to maybe have an IRC meeting (or some other online
form) so that we can get a bigger participation, so if we can get some info
on free time from everyone we could then work out a meeting schedule, most
LoCo's have these weekly or at least monthly.

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