[Ubuntu-us-ok] Last night and a question

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Sun Aug 26 13:34:29 BST 2007

James Stansell wrote:
> Was it https://launchpad.net/codeofconduct where you read about
> registering your key?  I think it's just a webpage function in
> launchpad, something associated with maintaining your acount.
> <snip>

Thank you James for the suggestions.

Thanks to Trey's, seemingly, infinite patience with a noob we got it 
worked out.

One of the problems was a typo on the web page. A large O as opposed to 
a small o. I'm poor at best with CLI stuff. So I tend to copy and paste 
as much as possible when it comes to working with terminal. Hopefully, 
whoever typed out the instructions got it right. Working with five or 
six windows open on two desktops it can become a bit rough to spell 
check that sort of thing. I kept forgetting where I had parked this 
window or that and moving them around between desktops. It was an 
interesting time to say the least.

AND, I want to give a BIG thanks to everyone on the list. I've been 
using OpenSuSE for a couple years. I like the OS, but [ always one of 
those around ] the help list is NOTHING like the help lists I've found 
with Ubuntu/Kubuntu. The people here are SO much nicer and willing to 
help. It really makes for a much nicer experience. I hope that none ever 
get to be crotchety, crabby, old geezers that use the "RTFM" for an answer.

Billie Walsh
The three best words in the English Language:
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