[Ubuntu-us-ok] New Wiki

Billie Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Sat Aug 25 12:54:20 BST 2007

Trey Brown wrote:
> I have made my attempt to create a new wiki for the team. I still plan 
> on adding things, like a meeting notes and what-not. I did not make it 
> the front page of the wiki, yet, I wanted some feedback first.
> Here is the URL: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OklahomaTeam/foo/test
> Give me suggestions or just make changes. I also encourage you to add 
> yourself to the member list while you are there. I will be changing our 
> front page to this on Wed. Aug 29th, that should give everyone time to 
> give feedback.
> Also for those that didn't know we hit 20 members yesterday!!
> --Trey

Trey, it looks good. I'm proud of you. The HTML code looks as good in 
the source. Not all trashy and full of nonsense stuff. You did a good job.

If I could make just one suggestion. Maybe a little proofreading.

> We ask that you do this because the CoC is the foundation of Ubuntu 
 > development. Signing the CoC does means that you will have to [WWW]
 > register with Launchpad and create an account and [WWW] generate and
 > upload a GnuPG key. Think of Launchpad is the system used by Ubuntu
 > to track and collaborate on projects.

Billie Walsh
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