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Billie Walsh bilwalsh at swbell.net
Sun Aug 19 22:48:37 BST 2007

Trey Brown wrote:
> Just and FYI: The redirect for the forums located at 
> ubuntuforums.org...for those that do not know you can get there by using 
> oklahoma.ubuntuforums.org <http://oklahoma.ubuntuforums.org>
> Also, for those of you that see this on Sunday, last chance to pitch-in 
> on the case badges, it would be a great investment for the group so that 
> we can use them at the Saturday Sale, and other places we may give out CDs.
> I am also still looking forward to the meet-up that the OKC area members 
> were planning. I think the best spot may have been decided, Panera Bread 
> at 104th & Penn(but can be changed), if anyone is still interested I 
> would like to put faces to names. And, of course, our "out-of-metro" 
> members are welcome as well!
> --Trey

I hate to be a pooty parper, but you do realize that next Saturday is 
the Saturday Sale? There probably isn't much that can be done or this 
one. But if there is any intention of getting something together for 
September some planning should be done soon. September's will be here 
before you know it.

On another tack. I was kind of thinking that Tracie and I might check it 
out for a little bit next Saturday. I haven't been to one in YEARS. The 
only time I ever went to one it didn't impress me all that much. The 
only thing I found a good deal on was a couple sticks of memory. Anyway, 
is anyone else planning on going? I would be somewhere around noonish 
before we get there. [ We go to Mary's Flea Market in the morning. ] We 
usually do lunch at Subway on 23rd just west of Broadway on Saturdays.

Billie Walsh
The three best words in the English Language:
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