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On 08/15/2007 Trey Brown wrote:
> It doesn't have to be fancy, seeing as how we are still getting off
> the ground, and can't afford to have fancy pamphlets printed. It can
> be as simple as a 'Welcome to Ubuntu' letter, explaining Ubuntu, and
> naming several resources. Personally I don't think that spelling out
> common things in the letter, such as codecs, flash, and other closed
> source things not included by default, because, to borrow a phrase,
> search google, then the forums, and then ask someone, to me this
> method helps people retain what they have done better. Don't get me
> wrong, I don't want to stop anyone from doing it if they can/want to
> make a professional one, it would be great for the team and community.
> --Trey

I wasn't thinking of a complete "How To" as much as a "If you want to do
this - go here." Something along the lines of :

> Getting Help with Kubuntu:
> Here are just some of the way in which to receive help with Kubuntu:
>     * Select KMenu->Help to access Kubuntu's system documentation.
>     * Official Ubuntu Documentation Website
>     * Community contributed documentation
>     * Mailing lists
>     * Ubuntu forums and/or Kubuntu forums
>     * Internet Relay Chat (IRC)
>           o Server: chat.freenode.net
>           o Channel: #kubuntu
>     * Commercial support

With some links targeted more to the Oklahoma LOCO page where more
detail could be found. In a way it would be great if there was some way
to get the copies of Ubuntu that are handed out could be customized for
the group.

Most people are completely terrified of "breaking" their computer. Doing
something wrong in Linux will "break" your computer. [ Believe me, when
I first started trying to explore Linux I broke it a lot. Nothing that
was the fault of Linux. Just ID-Ten-T errors. ] They need sort of a hand
to hold. Kind of an "Idiots Guide To .......", if you prefer, dealing
with the most common questions/frustrations. The pamphlet could have
address's for the website where they would find more detail and links to
whatever they are looking for.

I was able to get Feisty set up and running with a minimum of fuss and
bother because:

1) After using Linux for two years I am used to using forums, wiki's,
and mail lists to find answers.
2) I did my homework ahead of time. Before I installed I already had a
good idea where to get what was needed. Just needed a link that you
supplied. [ for which I thank you again ]
3) I know that if I want DVD support I need libdvdcss. For MP3 support I
need other things.

The average Joe Computer User that gets one of the CD's won't have the
background to know where to look and what to look for. The "pamphlet"
would just point the way.

Billie Walsh
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