[Ubuntu-us-ok] Case Badges

Trey Brown palintheus at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 02:17:55 BST 2007

I have put in an order for 25/50, depending on price, of the case badges
that the MA team is doing, the link is below. Just wanted to let everyone
know that once I get them I will gladly give you guys some, I will even mail
them to you free, and if you live in the metro, maybe you can get them at
one of our meetings we were going to plan ;-) . Also if anyone wants to
pitch in to get our order up to 100 we could put in a team order, you can
look at the website for the pricing, its very reasonable, IMO, they just
haven't figured out the shipping yet. The order would have to be by Monday,
the 20th, short notice, but it would guarantee our team get some, as
personal orders below 100 stickers they will try to include.


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