[Ubuntu-us-ok] Communications, Meetings

Trey Brown palintheus at gmail.com
Thu Aug 9 15:19:55 BST 2007

I try to be logged into it as much as possible, I work from home so usually
I have my laptop set up next to the work computer.

I would be willing to relay the meeting to IRC at the meetings I can make it
to, which hopefully should be most of them.

I would offer my help on the website, but I have near 0 experience when it
comes to web design.


On 8/9/07, Steve Roemen <steve at friservices.com> wrote:
> When it comes to communications, for now it might be best to use IRC
> that James setup (irc.freenode.net #ubuntu-oklahoma).  Now I'm always
> logged in, but i'll be marked as away while at work, etc.
> As to missing any meetings, I'm envisioning that since we will have
> wifi, that one of us could jump onto the IRC channel, and bridge the
> meeting with online users.  We then would take the notes from that
> meeting and post them onto the site, wiki.
> I'm making progress on the main site (www.ubuntuoklahoma.org).  I wrote
> this cms and messageboard a LONG time ago, and the code is crap, but its
> working.  what is taking so long is that I'm converting it from plain
> php to templatized  php with smarty.  I may have the site up this
> weekend, but some things will be broken.  I'll take feedback on the
> site, it's color (or lack of), and the content next week.
> Steve
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