[Ubuntu-us-ok] Communications, Meetings

Steve Roemen steve at friservices.com
Thu Aug 9 14:49:49 BST 2007

When it comes to communications, for now it might be best to use IRC 
that James setup (irc.freenode.net #ubuntu-oklahoma).  Now I'm always 
logged in, but i'll be marked as away while at work, etc.

As to missing any meetings, I'm envisioning that since we will have 
wifi, that one of us could jump onto the IRC channel, and bridge the 
meeting with online users.  We then would take the notes from that 
meeting and post them onto the site, wiki. 

I'm making progress on the main site (www.ubuntuoklahoma.org).  I wrote 
this cms and messageboard a LONG time ago, and the code is crap, but its 
working.  what is taking so long is that I'm converting it from plain 
php to templatized  php with smarty.  I may have the site up this 
weekend, but some things will be broken.  I'll take feedback on the 
site, it's color (or lack of), and the content next week.


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