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James Stansell jamesstansell at users.sourceforge.net
Wed Aug 8 15:34:16 BST 2007

Go OKC group!

On 8/7/07, steve <steve at friservices.com> wrote:
> Trey Brown wrote:
> I think that would be a good idea, would we want it somewhere with
> WiFi? I am up for just about anywhere in the metro, although since I
> live in Norman would prefer the south side of the metro.
> Are there any LUGs that aren't members of the LoCo, if so we should
> try to contact them and invite them.
> On 8/7/07, *Mike Harrall* <michael.harrall at gmail.com
> <mailto:michael.harrall at gmail.com> <michael.harrall at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     I think it would be a great idea for those of us in the OKC area
>     to start planing a monthly meeting. Since I work and travel
>     through out the week i suggest the weekends and a coffee shop or
>     some place that will like that as a informal meet and greet.
>     please let me know your ideas :) thanks for the all input group.
> ...
> Since I'd like us to start giving away CDs and demoing Ubuntu at the
> Saturday sales (http://saturdaysale.com/okc.php3) we could have the
> meetings on the Friday or Saturday  night the week before the event (every
> 3rd weekend) so that we could get materials ready.
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