[Ubuntu-us-ok] Reaching Out

James Stansell jamesstansell at users.sourceforge.net
Sat Aug 4 22:28:03 BST 2007

The OklahomaTeam wiki page was created in December last year.  The team on
launchpad was created in January this year.  Did a search for /Ubuntu
Oklahoma/ not return one or more of our pages on the first screen?

The idea of passing out CD's to the local PC shops is great.  I've done that
a little bit in the Tulsa area, and I'm out of shipit CD's now.  I believe
once we've applied and been approved as an official loco by the community
council we'll be eligible for larger shipments, in the name of the team.

One idea is that we could provide instructions for shop owners, librarians,
or whoever else to either order more from shipit or burn new CD's and verify
that the md5sum matches the official iso.  Hopefully some of them will even
join the team!  But in the meantime having a good recipe for burning our own
(and possibly printing our own CD labels) will let us take some action even
beyond using the shipit CD's.

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