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Steve Stalcup vorian at ubuntu.com
Fri Sep 7 14:40:10 BST 2007

Hello Everyone!

I know there are people coming from many states to the Ohio Linux Fest.  The
source of any news can be found at http://ohiolinux.org which is being
updated constantly.

Canonical is now a sponsor of the OLF, which is really great news.  The Ohio
LoCo team is manning the booth(s), and if you want to join in, just send me
a seperate email.

Registration is open for only one more week.  There is a free pass, and a
All Access pass.  If you are "iffy" about making it to the OFL, register for
a free pass. You can register here http://www.ohiolinux.org/register.html

Also, Registration is trending down this year compared to years past.  In an
effort to help get the news out about the Fest, the organizers of the event
are trying to broadcast through several avenues, including digg.

If you have a digg account, please digg this link

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