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I definitely agree with the friendliness. People just dont want to be a
part of something if they feel out of place or unwelcome

On Wed, 2007-11-14 at 12:49 -0800, boscagarda-programming at yahoo.com
> As far as the council what is it and what is its purpose?
> Regarding the library project...does this include a book?
> I've not tried and don't know what the success rate would be.
> If you are going to have press releases, a professional organization
> would be best for that...so that the press sees it as something more
> serious. Barring creating such an organization (perhaps due to man
> power) such press releases could come from Canonical. (Not sure
> how the structure of yen's locos works whether they are child
> organizations
> or their own...)
> What is the F2F?
> I believe understand the concept and reasoning behind the VIral
> Marketing
> term, but it keeps leaving a bad taste in my mouth. (Assuming the
> viral
> marketing thing means we inspire others to market?) Best way is for
> folks
> to have fun..and feel welcomed (something the ohio ubuntu group does
> a pretty good job of)
> Monthly face to face meetings are absolutely key. Not just with the
> ubuntu
> group...but with other groups. Folks need to see this as something
> real. To
> do that they need to know people using ubuntu, in real situations. As
> long as
> it is relegated to 'those people' on the net or elsewhere..no one will
> understand
> the full scope of this. When I am at events I promote. Folks
> appreciate my point
> of view because they have come to see that I am serious at what I do
> in IT. And
> so The Ubuntu distribution of GNU/Linux is as tool that like any other
> IT setup.
> I want to emphasize though, more than anything friendliness is key.
> Our association
> started back in march or may with just two people at a meeting. It has
> grown rapidly
> since then because people feel welcomed. Not a few times people have
> been brisk
> with me about GNU/Linux and Ubuntu because of their experiences in the
> community.
> Thus it is vital to show them that this is a minority. If folks come,
> have fun, and like
> others, they will come back.
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> That is fine with me on getting people more active on the team before
> we
> create a council. Now on to all of this
> 1) Ubucon Planning - This will be hard work and require a team who's
> sole focus is planning.  The team would need a leader, speaker liason,
> exhibit liason, press person, a/v person, and a PR person.
> Well as of right now it only seems like me and Anthony are trying to
> get
> anything together but hopefully that will change.
> 2) Getting volumes of Ubuntu/Kubuntu into public libraries, and
> setting up distribution points
> Has anybody had any success with getting the cd's into the public
> libraries? 
> 3) Quarterly Press releases to news agencies in Ohio
> Do we even have a spec on this? 
> 4) Revamping a support mechanism
> Is the F2F not working or we just don't have enought people doing it? 
> 5) Viral marketing campaigns
> 6) More (montly) Face to Face meetings
> That would be nice to have a face to face meeting sometime since I
> have
> never met anybody on the team in person.
> 7) Working with LUGs and FreeGeek
> I can work with some of the LUGS near me like the one in Canton and
> Akron. I will have to check to see if there are any other's near me.
> Joseph, I think it would be nice to have a release party in Cleveland
> considering I live in Akron. I know that there a few of us that live
> in
> the Akron/Cleveland area. Which leads me to my next idea.
> I noticed that somebody created a map for Ubuntu users in the world
> and
> there are directions on how to create one specifically for the loco
> teams. How about we put something together like that so we can where
> everybody is located at and then we could see where everybody is
> located. 
> Also Anthony I haven't had time to look at your Quick Start guide but
> I
> find some time to and give you any feedback. 
> Another thing we need to try to do is compile information about the
> team
> members on what their strenghts and weaknesses are so we know who to
> go
> to when it comes to certain things.
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