UbuntuOhio Feedback

Michael Price seisen at ubuntu.com
Wed Nov 14 20:10:52 GMT 2007

That is fine with me on getting people more active on the team before we
create a council. Now on to all of this

1) Ubucon Planning - This will be hard work and require a team who's
sole focus is planning.  The team would need a leader, speaker liason,
exhibit liason, press person, a/v person, and a PR person.

Well as of right now it only seems like me and Anthony are trying to get
anything together but hopefully that will change.

2) Getting volumes of Ubuntu/Kubuntu into public libraries, and
setting up distribution points

Has anybody had any success with getting the cd's into the public
3) Quarterly Press releases to news agencies in Ohio

Do we even have a spec on this? 

4) Revamping a support mechanism

Is the F2F not working or we just don't have enought people doing it? 

5) Viral marketing campaigns

6) More (montly) Face to Face meetings

That would be nice to have a face to face meeting sometime since I have
never met anybody on the team in person.

7) Working with LUGs and FreeGeek

I can work with some of the LUGS near me like the one in Canton and
Akron. I will have to check to see if there are any other's near me.

Joseph, I think it would be nice to have a release party in Cleveland
considering I live in Akron. I know that there a few of us that live in
the Akron/Cleveland area. Which leads me to my next idea.

I noticed that somebody created a map for Ubuntu users in the world and
there are directions on how to create one specifically for the loco
teams. How about we put something together like that so we can where
everybody is located at and then we could see where everybody is

Also Anthony I haven't had time to look at your Quick Start guide but I
find some time to and give you any feedback. 

Another thing we need to try to do is compile information about the team
members on what their strenghts and weaknesses are so we know who to go
to when it comes to certain things.

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