UbuntuOhio Ideas for Loco Team

anthony theidiotthatisme at gmail.com
Wed Nov 14 04:47:15 GMT 2007

Since I've already been mentioned :-P Yes, I'm definitely for the
council idea. Ohio is a great state and I believe we have the potential
to become an awesome and active LoCo through organiZation (for some
reason my keyboard is not letting me do a lowercase Z, but anyways).
Also, maybe one of the positions we need is someone dedicated to
actively recruiting members and helping new members get involved in
projects and teams?

On Tue, 2007-11-13 at 23:32 -0500, Michael Price wrote:
> Me and anthony were talking on IRC earlier and were tossing some ideas
> around about the Loco Team. He suggested we create a council for the
> team which I personally think is a good idea myself and also I thought
> maybe about possibly splitting the team into five regions. This way
> instead of having just one release party in Columbus we can five
> around Ohio. This would work with other things such as install fests,
> etc... Maybe this will help improve how active the members of our team
> and also introduce new people to the team. If anybody has any other
> new ideas or want to add to either one of these feel free too.

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