UbuntuOhio Education Sub-Team Meeting

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as long as I don't get a customer call, I *should* be available ... in any event, I'll sit in the channel and backread if I can't make it, and will forward any ideas / suggestions / comments to you afterwards.


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Subject: UbuntuOhio Education Sub-Team Meeting

Hi guys! I would really like to hold a meeting for the Education Team of the Ohio LoCo, to help the team (no matter if it's small) to get to know each other, introduce ourselves, and come up with some ideas, of what you would like to see happen and do in the Education Team.* Let's introduce ourselves so we know the team :-)* What would you like to see in the Education Team?* Is there something you would like to change?* Is there a project or resource you'd like to create?* Sitting on a good idea? Share it!Also, you dont have to be a member to attend! All are welcome. If you are interested in the Education Team, head on over.I'd like to meet on #ubuntu-ohio on Sunday at 6pm. However, if this does not work, please let me know and suggest a good time and we'll adjust accordingly.-- Ubuntu-us-oh mailing listUbuntu-us-oh at lists.ubuntu.comModify settings or unsubscribe at: https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-oh

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