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Thu Jun 28 14:15:02 BST 2007

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I'd like to start collaborating on a formal Ubuntu curriculum, starting
off easy for new users, and working up toward more advanced topics.

Using "The Official Ubuntu Book" (which is CC licensed, but of which I
cannot find an electronic copy) as the foundation, I prepared this
outline for "Ubuntu 101: Introduction to Ubuntu".  I envision this
running between 90 and 120 minutes.  Page numbers listed below represent
pages from "The Official Ubuntu Book" about that issue.

* What is Ubuntu?
** The definition of the word
** A free, multi-user, multi-tasking operating system
*** what's an operating system?
*** what does "multi-tasking" mean?
*** what does "multi-user" mean?
*** what do you mean, "free"?

* The Ubuntu Desktop
** logging in and out
** menus
** desktop shortcuts
** right clicking
** taskbars
** applets
** notifications and pop-ups
** shutting down

* Working with files (p. 103)
** _everything_ is a file
** filesystem layout
** permissions, part 1
** Nautilus file manager
** selecting, copying and moving files (p. 107)
** bookmarks and file choosers (p. 99)
** deleting files

* Customizing Ubuntu
** login screen
** language (p. 100)
** wallpaper (p. 101)
** themes (p. 101)
** screensavers (p. 102)

* Managing Ubuntu
** users and groups
*** who is root?
*** permissions, part 2
** adding, changing, and deleting users
** adding, changing and deleting printers
** keeping up to date (p. 125)
** adding and removing applications (p. 118)

I'm not sure if things like "connecting a digital camera" or "using a
scanner" belong in the first class.  That strikes me as the kind of
material that belongs in subsequent classes (Ubuntu 102, 103, etc).
Ubuntu 101 would be the prerequisite.

I'd like some feedback on this outline before I get too much farther
along.  What changes might you recommend, and why?

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