Motasim Sakallah m_sakallah at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 18 16:32:21 GMT 2007

On Sunday, February 18 2007 7:06 am Matias Bertolotti wrote:
> Hi guys I´m having troubles with Ubuntu 6.10 Installation, when the
> graphic mode is going to start my monitor turn off.
> Computer specification: Pentium II 400MHz , 256 RAM, HDD 20 GB, RIVA
> TNT2 32MB, Sound Blaster 16, Monitor Samsung SyncMaster 550v. I will
> appreciate some help

I'm not very familiar with Nvidia cards as I use an ATI, but did you check to 
see which driver it's loading? It could be a problem with the vesa driver if 
it's loading it by default, you might fare better with the free nv driver. 
Can you boot into failsafe mode and check your xorg.conf?

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