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David Thomas dthomasdigital at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 22:07:26 UTC 2012

Where is the drupal instance hosted?

On Tue, Nov 6, 2012 at 11:06 PM, Researcher Taylor <research at lawlearners.org
> wrote:

> **
> I need to have a database working to do development for Drupal CMS.  To do
> that, I have to create a user with a password and apparently give
> permission I also need to create a database with it's own name and
> permissions.  When I follow directions, all I get is cryptic error codes
> and messages from MySQL.
> Evan Root wrote:
> I too am trying to familarize my self with mySQL because I'm setting up a
> mail server with squirrel mail and roundcube. All of which use mySQL.  I
> was at Barnes and Noble (at Coronado mall ABQ) and found that there are
> some good books available as long as you get one for your situation.
>  So my point is what is your situation with mySQL?
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