[ubuntu-us-nm] Ubuntu install

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Mon Mar 14 17:11:56 UTC 2011

Researcher Taylor writes:
>Unable to find documentation that addresses the problems I'm having with the
>installer.  Here's the scenario:
>Single hard drive, 4 partitions. Linux partitions configured manually before
>attempting to install. 
>sda1 - Windows
>sda2 - NTFS data
>sda4 - Ubuntu boot/OS (primary)
>sda5 - Linux swap (logical)

Is this possible now?  It used to be you only got four primary
partitions (I want to say it had to be 4), and one of them was used
for any logicals.

>When I get to "Allocate drive space", I select sda4 to choose as the install
>partition.  If I don't choose a "mount point" for sda4, I get an error about
>"no root file system defined".
>options are:
>Don't know what to choose

You want / -- that's the "root" of the whole filesystem as seen by
Linux.  If you had the Linux filesystem split among multiple disks or
partitions, one of them would be / and you'd have other directories on

>Then back in the original window, I have an option for "boot loader"
>Options are:
>/dev/sda {drive type and model} (160gb)
>/dev/sda1 Microsoft Windows XP Professional
>/dev/sda4 Ubuntu 10.10
>Don't know what to choose here.

/dev/sda.  That's the disk itself, and is where the machine goes to
look for the bootloader.

>I tried 4 unsuccessful installs. After re-boot, all I get is the "grub repair"
>prompt and no list of OS to choose for boot.
>Don't have these problems when installing to a separate drive.  Can't do that
>here because this is a laptop.

It's time to try defying gravity

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