[ubuntu-us-nm] City wide wifi access?

Nick nick at nick125.com
Wed Jan 13 23:12:10 GMT 2010

Advertising supported might work without city funding. Maybe a few tiers:

* free - advertising supported, 256/256k with a 1GB cap/device/day before
throttling down to 64k/32k.
* ad-free - no ads, 256k/256k with a 2GB cap/device/day. Two simulanteous
connections per account.
* premium - no ads, 1024k/512k, 3GB cap/device/day. Two simulanteous
connections per account, discounted additional connections.

All of the tiers should have caching with image compression. The premium
tier can disable image compression. Why compression? It reduces over-the-air
bandwidth as well as backhaul internet connection bandwidth. I think a good
balance can be found.

All of the tiers should be billed per day/week/month as well as quarterly
and annually.

Interesting idea. The only problem is finding places to put the backhaul
equipment and getting right-of-way to mount the APs. A pretty high capital
investment with a mixed possible rate of return. It could work, though.


On Jan 13, 2010 1:31 PM, "David Thomas" <
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oh I like the idea of the city not being involved.

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