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I think this would be a good idea. It would also cost a little bit so there would be the issue of appropriate taxation for this infrastructure. It seems like it would be at least as cost effective as the lights at the big-I for people to look at as they drive by at 60+ mph.
I think Commissioner Hart Stebbins, Councilor Garduño, and State Senators Keller and Ortiz y Pino may be supportive. 
The idea could be used as a way to organize people in support of tech access or just worked on with the politicians and hope it gets through. 
Maybe even promoting open source in general as a cost savings would work, for example, having ubuntu on the library computers.
Just my two cents,

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Sure sounds like a great idea, but what kind of push back would your get from telco's.
I would never do it if I had to register. However I would not be apposed if it limited 
some types of traffic say torrents, it would be great to use it to check mail, simple surfing, or
to grab files off the cloud i.e. dropbox.

Just my 2 cents.


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I just had a CRAZY idea and wanted to get some feedback and thought on
what everyone thinks about it.  While driving home last night I
selected the wrong app on my iphone and launched WifiFoFum.  I left
the app running just to see what wifi was out there. I was kind of
surprised to see how many wifi access points there where.  So I
started thinking that we should start to consider internet access as a
utility rather than a privileged service.  This morning still chewing
the wifi as a utility my thoughts turned to how the city could blanket
the city with wifi, of course my thoughts included a meshed wifi.  =)

Ok here's the idea: Using the library branches internet access as
gateways the city could extend each of the branches wifi with
open-mesh access points to cover the city.

I looked up where the branches are located and they are perfectly
situated to extend out to cover the city in wifi.


So I have several questions for you all.

Does this sound like a good idea?
What issues do you see wrong with Eric's crack pot idea?
Would you use a free wifi access that throttles bandwidth as not to
overwhelm the network or just to hog bandwidth?
Would any of you pay to have unthrottled wifi access across the city?
Would you be opposed to registerting and systems accessing the wifi
say by mac address?


- Eric

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