[ubuntu-us-nm] Mysterious install error - Ubuntu 10.10

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Wed Dec 15 03:05:06 GMT 2010

I've done some 10.10 installs and upgrades and never seen this....
try burning a new CD?

Researcher Taylor writes:
>Maybe I didn't make myself clear... I see this after the install on three
>different machines, 2 desktop and one laptop.  You can't do what you're asking
>with a laptop.
>It looks to me like the installer is ejecting the CD prematurely and it does
>not allow the machine to get back to the POST messages.
>David Einerson wrote:
>    Hmmm, I haven't seen this error, but...
>    Check the BIOS settings for one of the machines. Could it be that the
>    CD-ROM drive is set in the BIOS incorrectly, or is it set to SATA rather
>    than PATA, or IDE? Is it on the same cable as your HDD? Try putting the
>    CDROM drive on its own cable, its own channel and set as master using the
>    jumpers on the cd-rom drive. Also, try setting the BIOS to read it as IDE
>    rather than SATA or PATA.
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