[ubuntu-us-nm] Albuquerque real estate - Ubuntu style!

Kurt von Finck mneptok at mneptok.com
Thu Sep 24 20:29:40 BST 2009

Hey folks.

Sorry I haven't been around on IRC this week, my server machine needs a
new hard drive, and I have to delay purchasing one because ...


We found a place in the south foothills (Copper and Tramway area) and
we'll be all moved in by the end of the month. I'm ordering a new disk
for delivery to the new address tomorrow. I'll be back on IRC next week.

For those of you thinking about a home purchase (and now is a good
time, it's a buyer's market), I can recommend our agent, Magda Stevens.
She's cc'ed.

She knows the NM market, knows all the ins-and-outs of the business,
and ... she's an Ubuntu user! And no, I didn't ram it down her
throat. ;)

Magda's Dell laptop running Vista was in sad shape. Monty Program gives
me an allowance each year to buy hardware, so I'm using it, and bought
one of the Dell machines with Ubuntu pre-installed. Magda has purchased
my old Lenovo laptop, and after seeing Ubuntu, she was sold. No viruses,
no spyware, easy and free updates, etc etc. Like I said, she's a smart
lady, and Linux sells itself to smart people.

Sadly, she has to keep using IE, as MLS uses an ActiveX plugin (?!) for
their site. So she has IE6 running in a virtual machine under Win2K in
Virtualbox. And yes, she wants to stab MLS in the face, too.

Hopefully we'll get Magda to the Karmic release party, and she can meet
the other Ubuntistas in ABQ. Until then, or if she cannot attend,
consider this your introduction to ABQ's real estate expert that runs
Free Software. If you need real estate services, e-mail Magda and tell
her Ubuntu sent you!

Chris, sorry this comes at *exactly* the wrong time for you. Enjoy your
new house!

Off to box-world ... :/


kurt von finck


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