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On Mon, 18 May 2009 09:24:07 -0700 (PDT)
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> Hello Everyone:
>   My daughter just graduated high school and is going off to college.
> Is there somewhere in Albuquerque to buy Ubuntu loaded laptops? 

How much computing power does she need, and what are you looking
to spend?

If the requirement is a laptop capable of word processing, web
surfing, e-mail, media playback, and other fairly mundane tasks,
I would heartily encourage you to look at the Sylvania Meso G
netbook from Amazon:



My wife uses one of these as her primary computer, and is very
satisfied with it. It is not terribly expensive, meaning that if
she damages or loses it, you will not have lost a lot of money.

Other than that, you're basically looking at Dell if you want a machine
pre-loaded with Ubuntu:


Personally, I would prefer the Sylvania to a Dell. The build quality is
excellent, and in six months of usage we have yet to need any type of
technical support (knock wood).


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