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David Thomas dthomasdigital at gmail.com
Sat May 16 22:48:56 BST 2009

Hello New Mexico Linux Users, Developers, and Enthusiasts

The New Mexico Linux Corporation <http://nmlc.newmexicolinuxfest.org/> is
dedicated to bring you  LinuxFest <http://www.newmexicolinuxfest.org/> the
premier free open source software conference and expo to New Mexico.

Presenters <http://nmlinuxfest.ning.com/page/2009-new-mexico-linuxfest> have
started to be added along with their
have added the session
tracks <http://nmlinuxfest.ning.com/page/session-tracks>  and for anyone
that may know of sponsors or if you're interested in helping sponsor we have
the Sponsor Prospectus
<http://nmlinuxfest.ning.com/page/sponsor-prospectus>up as well.

But, we still need to do much more. We need more presenters, exhibitors, and
sponsors. If you know a way you might be able to help please contact us or
if you need more info email us at
info at newmexicolinuxfest.org<info at nwmexicolinuxfest.org>

If you haven't registered
<http://nmlinuxfest.ning.com/page/register-1>please do soon as this
will help with venue selection, and many other
logistic issues.

The New Mexico LinuxFest is still tentatively scheduled for November 14,
2009. The finnal venue location will be listed soon.

David Thomas
President - New Mexico Linux Corporation
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