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David Thomas dthomasdigital at gmail.com
Sat Mar 14 15:29:16 GMT 2009

Hello to all New Mexico Linux and Open Source Users,

The New Mexico LinuxFest is moving forward but we need more people to
register early. The more people we have registered early the better an event
we will have.
Sponsors and exhibitors will need this information to make decisions on
exactly what they are able to do for the Fest.

*Any one registering this weekend will receive a free Linux pack, disk,
stickers, and other stuff they can hand out to inform others of this event.
This is your event and we need speakers as well, so if you have an idea
please let us know and send us your speaking proposals as soon as possible
go here <http://nmlinuxfest.ning.com/page/call-for-presenters> to send us
your proposal.

If you know of any one interested in sponsoring or exhibiting please contact
me and I can get then an information pack.

The first annual New Mexico LinuxFest is *tentatively* scheduled for
November, 14th 2009 at the University of New Mexico's Student Union
Albuquerque, New Mexico <http://www.cabq.gov/> *(time and location is
subject to change*). Hosting authoritative speakers, a large expo, and other
media events.

The New Mexico LinuxFest welcomes Free and Open Source Software
professionals, enthusiasts, and anyone who wants to take part in the event.
The New Mexico LinuxFest is a grassroots conference for the Linux/Open
Source Software/Free Software community. It is a place for the community to
gather and share information about Linux and Open Source Software.

A large expo area adjacent to the conference rooms will feature exhibits
from our sponsors as well as a large .org section from non-profit Open
Source/Free Software projects. Come participate, learn, and get inspired.

Thank you for your help and support - can't wait to see you there.

David Thomas

President - New Mexico Linux Corporation
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