[ubuntu-us-nm] IRC meeting for EPC Open-Mesh install?

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Wed Feb 4 19:44:10 GMT 2009

Eric Krieger writes:
>Let say Thursday 6:30pm?  
>Also is it possible to change the mailing list so that when we reply it
>replies to the mailing list not the person? Also I don't know about
>anyone else but when i email the emailing list I would like to receive a
>copy of the message, as confirmation that my message was received.  is
>this possible?

You've just stepped into a religious war.  The "standard" discussion
of reply-to munging can be found at

Personally, I think he's wrong on the grounds that a mailling list is
intended to be a "broadcast" medium, and private replies are a very
exceptional case.  Most mailling lists I'm on agree with me...  but
you may find substantial resistance to the idea!

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