[ubuntu-us-nm] EPC's Operations Director (OPDIR) Office Progress

David Einerson deinerson1 at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 05:35:04 BST 2009

Hello all,

Bootz and I have made some changes for the better to Melissa's office.

   - The router and switch now sit on the South wall desk and are off the
   floor and shredder.
   - Power and internet cables now run nicely along the baseboard to and fro
   rather than hither and thither. Bootz was tired of tripping over them. He
   thought Melissa might like it, too.
   - Bootz moved the network LaserJet 5 printer to the South wall desk and
   filled it with paper.
   - The black Canon color printer that used to sit on the floor now has its
   own spot where the LJ5 printer used to be. It is now positioned to be able
   to leave it hooked up to the PC.
   - Bootz dusted everything he could get his pawz on.
   - We labeled the router and switch cables so Bootz will know what is
   plugged and where it leads.
   - The EPC Media Server has been added to the South wall desk. This is an
   *always on* Ubuntu PC, which staff may use at their pleasure. You will
   find it already logged in to the epcstaff user. Please do not log out or
   turn it off. In addition to serving media to EPC, it is also running BOINC,
   a distributed computing client which contributes processing tasks to SETI
   and a few medical research projects when the computer is not busy.
   - We hooked up some decent speakers to Melissa's office PC, so rock on.
   Thank you NM Loco.
   - We cleaned up behind the desk.
   - We added a high quality surge protector to the power situation.
   - We removed several unused programs from Melissa's PC to free up space.
   We removed the aged back up the the old EPC Org site from Dropbox.
   Everything that was on the old site is still preserved in another spot, so
   no worries.
   - We JKDefragged <http://kessels.biz/JkDefrag/> Melissa's PC, one of the
   best defragmenters available.
   - We installed the VLC media player <http://www.videolan.org/vlc/> on
   Melissa's PC, which will play anything you throw at it. This is Bootz'
   favorite media player that interfaces nicely with the EPC media Server.
   - We performed several other maintenance tasks on Melissa's PC. We
   marginally improved the boot time and speed of Melissa's PC.

Please let me know if there is something you would like further arranged,
installed, etc. Bootz and I did leave a few paper piles in relative
disarray, but were unsure what to do with them. We will be glad to help
arrange them when you are next in the mood for that sort of task.

P.S. For those who may not know, Bootz is a lab/rottweiler mutt with an eye
for the ladies, so watch your women [?] And for goodness sake, don't let them
wear meat pants.

Dave Einerson
IT Director
Endorphin Power Company
509 Cardenas Dr. SE
Albuquerque, NM 87108
deinerson1 at gmail.com
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