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Oh and I forgot to say, many of the programs that run standalone, like these
portable apps, will run in Wine without a hitch, so if you have some problem
say running blender in linux on your machine, you can try blender running in
wine on linux. I used to do this with Firefox, when the shift was to 3.0, so
I could use firefox 1.5 in wine for some stuff and 3.0 in linux for other
things. BTW, google the words in my signature, some of these lead to some
interesting stuff.

> Most open source packages run or are being ported to run on other OS's,
> it's not always the case, but is usually the case. The most are on the
> Linux/Intel combination. But you can get the more popular ones for Windows
> and Mac as well.
> portableapps.com, they offer portable versions of programs like open
> office that will

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