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> Hi:
> My wife asked if Mac and Ubuntu could be both one machine like I have xp
> and Ubuntu?

All Intel based operating systems are dual, multi bootable.. I'm sure you
could run many on a mac, just as you could on any intel machine. There are
even people who get the MACOS and run "hackintoshes" which is the macintosh
OS running on a regular PC. Of course Apple doesn't like it when people get
to do this because they aren't buying Apple's hardware.  I heard someone had
got a netbook to run a hackintosh, XP, hackintosh and linux, that would be
cool. I have Ubuntu Studio and XP dual booted on my Acer Aspire.

> And, does anything like OpenOffice run on Vista? (My daughter got a laptop
> as a present and her school said she needed to be on Windows 7 but her puter
> came w Vista)

Most open source packages run or are being ported to run on other OS's, it's
not always the case, but is usually the case. The most are on the
Linux/Intel combination. But you can get the more popular ones for Windows
and Mac as well.
portableapps.com, they offer portable versions of programs like open office
that will run from a pendrive (USB drive, flash card, etc) without
administrative priviledges, so you can run open office at school, work, etc.
They also have versions of audacity, vlc media player, gimp, mac-on-a-stick,
dosbox, 7zip, and so on. Not a lot of ports, but the key ones.
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