[ubuntu-us-nm] Running MS Word on Ubuntu

Joe Pfeiffer joseph at pfeifferfamily.net
Tue Sep 23 20:46:28 BST 2008

Michael Lowery writes:
>Thanks in advance for any procedures/ recommendations.
>I'm working on my thesis now, and I find it difficult to go from Open
>Office to MS Word.  Open Office just doesn't seem to cut it for me
>and most users use Word.  Is there a way that I can run MS Word on
>Ubuntu?  If you guys have any procedures I'd certainly appreciate
>it.  I do have wine installed already, and I think I should be able
>to run it through wine.

People keep telling me wine works for this and that -- I finally got
tired of trying again when somebody would say, yet again, that wine
*really* *works* this time and gave up on it.

I've got virtualboxes running xp on a couple of my machines, for
pretty much the sole purpose of having office 2007 when I need it.

You mentioned it's for your thesis -- my experience (as of a couple of
conferences last week) is that most serious CS academic papers still
look like they're generated with latex.

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