[ubuntu-us-nm] What's New In Intrepid Ibex

Eric Krieger unmlobo at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 16:36:43 GMT 2008

It was asked at the Release Party "What’s new with Intrepid Ibex?"

Ubuntu releases are evolutionary in nature; instead of drastic changes
from one release to another like commercial proprietary operating
systems (ie, Vista & OS X), where the gap between each releases can
range from two years to six years, Ubuntu is released every six months.
Ubuntu releases are conveniently timed to be released one month after
the release of Gnome (Ubuntu’s choice of Desktop Environment), while
Gnome is released one month after the release of X Window System
(X.Org). So in effect Ubuntu releases are almost always bundled with the
most recently released packages out there. To highlight some of the main
features/updates of Intrepid Ibex:

X.Org 7.4: Released in Sep 23, 2008; this version comes with a
significantly faster xorg-server and a better support for hot-pluggable
input devices. Also introduces a new failsafe mode to better
troubleshoot startup failures.

Linux kernel 2.6.27: This is a significant kernel release which includes
(among many updates), a new file system for flash-based storage devices,
XEN support for saving and restoring virtual machines, better video
camera support and improved support for many new drivers.

GNOME 2.24: As previously mentioned each Ubuntu release comes with the
latest Gnome release, this version has an improved Nautilus file manager
with tabbed support, Ekiga conference client, new plugins for deskbar,
support for multiple monitors and many more bug fixes.

Guest Session: If you need to borrow your computer to a friend without
letting them have access to your files and putting them in a restricted
bubble, Ibex will have an option for a password less guest user account.

DKMS: Dynamic Kernel Module Support will allow kernel package updates to
be made available immediately without having to wait for rebuilds.

Network Manager 0.7: Ibex will also feature a new and improved network
manager which boasts some new features including:

    * System wide settings
    * Management of 3G connections (GSM/CDMA)
    * Management of multiple active devices at once
    * Management of devices with static IP configurations

Encrypted private directory: Ibex will now support for a secret
encrypted folder to securely store sensitive data using filesystem
encryption, inside your home directory.

Ubuntu Artworks: Unfortunately, it seems highly unlikely that Intrepid
Ibex will look drastically any different from the previous version. Ibex
will still have the same Human Theme with an optional DarkRoom Theme
(shown in the first picture above) available which was used as default
theme in Alpha Ibex releases. The wallpaper itself is less than

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