[ubuntu-us-nm] An update

Chris Brotherton chris at protonlab.net
Sat May 31 15:54:54 BST 2008


I hope everything gets worked out for you.  You will be missed.


On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 07:28:13AM -0600, DThomas at metrocourt.state.nm.us wrote:
> I missed the meeting Last night and I might be missing in quite a few 
> more. With out going into detail I'll be very busy in the next few months 
> and might not have much time to update the wiki page if someone wants to 
> take over doing updates to the page please feel free (anyone that has a 
> launchpad account has the ability to log in and make changes to the wiki). 
> In fact I'll be removing my self from the contacts section, that's how out 
> of touch I'll be. However, I will not be so out of touch as not to be a 
> member of the LoCo, just have to take care of some things and I'll be 
> back.
> David Thomas

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